Contextual Preaching:-Why preaching – Preparing a sermon – Presenting a sermon

Pastoral care and Christian counseling:- Serving in church and society

Pastoral care requires healthy relationship – Pastoral care a holistic caring ministry

Pastoral care under all circumstances – Pastoral care regarding physical needs

Christian counseling:- Counseling is not giving advice – Listening as part of counseling process

Counseling as empowering -What counseling is and is not – The roles of the counselor

Trauma counseling: What trauma does to us Christians: – Respecting traumatized people

Why me? -What is the reason for this? – What have I done to deserve this?

Trauma which invites immediate action: – Domestic violence – Rape – Crime related violence, Loss

Crisis counseling for those who are grieving: – Normal grief

When to mourn and when to finish mourning? – Why me oh God?


Death counseling: The dying person goes through:

Denial stage -Anger – Fear – Bargaining – Resignation/acceptance

Counseling a dying person skills: –  Developing a therapeutic relationship with a patient

Listen to the patient’s life story – Developing the patient’s coping skills

Constructing the patient’s support system – Facilitating the integration of faith and suffering

Worship and celebration: – The heartbeat of our spiritual lives

The rainbow kingdom of God -Worship in the African Initiated Churches

Models in worshiping God: – The instructional -The mystery -The sacramental

The proclamation -The process -The therapeutic -The liberation

Bible perspective:-An overview of the Bible (66 books) – The Pentateuch (5) – The former Prophets (6) -The Three Major Prophets (3) – The Twelve Minor Prophets (12) – The Writings-Psalms and Wisdom Literature (5) -The Five Festive Scrolls (5) –The Second History of Israel and Apocalypse of Daniel (3) –The Gospels and Acts (5) -The John’s Writings (4) –The Paul’s Letters (13) –The General Letters (5)

NB Spiritual counseling is free to those who come into our offices, or call us, or email us for this service, is not free if we have to go to the casualty’s premises and churches. Have a local Bible based church, to come to the full knowledge of God, to live and die peacefully!